Why Choose a Board-Certified
Pediatric Dentist?

What Is A Board Certified Pediatric Dentist?

From their first tooth to their first day in college, board certified pediatric dentists are committed to equipping your child with excellent oral habits while providing tailored care so their smile can grow bright and strong.

Pediatric dentists undergo two additional years of specialized training after graduating dental school. In order to become board-certified, they must also pass two additional board examinations after completing their pediatric residency.

The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry also requires an annual renewal of certification to ensure pediatric dentists are providing their patients with the best care possible.

As a board certified pediatric dentist, you can trust that Dr. Tyler Mesa provides compassionate expertise to nurture your child’s developing grin.

Why Is It Important To Form
The Doctor/Patient Relationship Early?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children see a pediatric dentist by their first birthday. When your child stops by our office at a young age, they’ll quickly learn that visiting their trusted smile friends can be easy and fun! Prevention is key, and establishing a dental home by the first birthday has been proven to drastically reduce oral health issues like cavities. The sooner your child becomes acclimated with “going to the dentist”, the more likely they’ll develop positive associations with oral health habits and dental visits.

Builds Trust

Early visits allow your child time to get to know our caring team. With each appointment, your kiddo will discover that dental visits are nothing to worry about and that their smile is in great hands.

Informs Our Team

Getting to know your child’s unique oral health needs at an early age allows us to craft the best treatment plan possible for a lifetime of thriving smiles.

Strengthen Good Habits

By visiting Dr. Tyler Mesa by your child's first birthday, and then every six months after, our team will be able to catch issues early, before they become more complex problems.

Establishing A Dental Home For Your Child

A dental home is a practice where your child receives ongoing care from the same team as they grow from tots to teens. By making Live Oak Pediatric Dentistry your child’s dental home, they can always look forward to gentle, upbeat care that’s truly tailored to their unique needs and personality. Here are a few benefits of a dental home:

We’ll care for your child through the most formative years of their life.

You’ll experience streamlined visits since all of your child’s info will be on record.

Our team can help your kiddo take charge of their oral health for life.

Loved By Kids
& Parents Alike

So grateful for Dr. Mesa’s patience and enthusiasm with my little ones. It was my youngest’s first dental visit and she left smiling! He and his team provide a refreshing and inviting environment and remained thorough and knowledgeable throughout our visit!


There is literally not a single person on the planet that I would trust more with my kiddo’s teeth than Dr. Mesa. He’s kind, he’s goofy, and he’s also super knowledgeable. Basically if you could create a person to be a pediatric dentist, it would be him. Brought my 2 year old in to see him and not a single tear, only giggles. They’re basically best friends now. Do yourself and your kids a favor and bring them to Live Oak.


We went to Dr. Mesa for my son’s very first dentist appt and it couldn’t have been a better experience. Dr. Mesa is approachable, kind, and makes kids (and parents) feel welcome and at ease. You and your child’s teeth are in such competent and compassionate hands with him. Thank you Dr. Mesa and Live Oak Pediatric Dentistry!