Fluoride Treatments in Slidell, LA

If your child is cavity-prone, fluoride treatments from our Slidell pediatric dentist at Live Oak Pediatric Dentistry are a great way to protect their teeth. This simple, non-invasive treatment takes just minutes, can be done as part of their six-month checkup, and provides significant protection against tooth decay.

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What Is Fluoride And How Does It Work?

Fluoride is a chemical that’s highly beneficial for our teeth, and helps fight back against cavities (tooth decay). When we eat, bacteria in our mouths feed on small particles of food that are left behind. When they digest this food, they excrete acid that “demineralizes” the surface of your tooth, weakening it. Over time, this can result in a cavity.

Fluoride helps protect against this. Whether it’s in toothpaste, mouthwash, or a concentrated fluoride treatment at Live Oak Pediatric Dentistry, fluoride helps attract minerals like calcium and phosphates to the enamel. This reverses the damage done by decay, and helps protect against cavities.

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What Are The Benefits Of Fluoride Treatments?


Fluoride treatment involves absolutely no needles or drills. Dr. Mesa will simply “paint” a fluoride varnish on your child’s teeth with a brush. The entire process takes only a few minutes.


Because the treatment is so simple, it’s easy to do as part of any six-month visit to Live Oak Pediatric Dentistry. This means you don’t have to make any more room in your busy schedule.

Powerful cavity protection

Along with routine preventive care, good at-home oral hygiene, and a healthy diet low in sugar, fluoride treatments provide another layer of powerful cavity protection for your child. With routine fluoride treatments from Live Oak Pediatric Dentistry, you can dramatically reduce their risk of tooth decay.

Hospital Sedation

Hospital sedation provides a safe, anxiety-free option for pediatric dental care. Administered by an anesthesiologist, sedatives allow kids to fully relax through procedures. Vital signs are monitored ensuring optimal levels are maintained. With fewer traumatic memories, hospital sedation can build a lifetime of positive dental experiences for children.

What To Expect From The Fluoride Treatment Process

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Teeth cleaning

We usually provide fluoride treatments as part of a routine six-month preventive visit to our office, so the process will typically begin with a teeth cleaning. Teeth cleanings keep your child’s smile healthy, and remove biofilm. This ensures that the fluoride varnish soaks deeply into their teeth.

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Fluoride application

Next, Dr. Mesa will use a special brush and dip it into a fluoride varnish. He will carefully apply this to each of your child’s teeth, coating the front, top, and back surfaces. It usually takes less than five minutes for Dr. Mesa to apply the fluoride.

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Waiting for full absorption

That’s it! You and your child will be sent home. The only thing you will have to do after treatment is wait for your child’s fluoride treatment to fully absorb into their teeth. Your child will have to avoid eating and drinking for about 30 minutes. This allows the fluoride to sit on their teeth for a longer period of time and work its magic!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. Dr. Mesa will use a brush to gently apply the fluoride compound to your little one’s teeth. The process is completely pain-free, and it involves absolutely no shots, dental drills, or pain. And with our gentle, kid-focused approach to dental care, Dr. Mesa and our team will make sure they feel safe and comfortable throughout their entire appointment at Live Oak Pediatric Dentistry. Contact us now to learn more, and to schedule the treatment your child needs for a healthy, cavity-free smile in Slidell, LA.

This depends on your child and how prone they are to cavities. Most kids should get a fluoride treatment every 6-12 months. However, if your child is very cavity-prone, Dr. Mesa may recommend a three-month interval for their fluoride treatments. 

If your child gets a lot of cavities, you may also want to consider dental sealants. Along with fluoride treatments, dental sealants offer excellent protection for your child’s rear baby teeth, and can help with cavity prevention.